WOW Board

Ms. Rosetta Allison is a visual and fabric artist with several exhibits to her credit. She has taught all ages as an art mentor, and has worked as an Early Childhood Educator. Ms. Allison has served on a number of art boards, and is a member of many different art organizations. Ms. Allison is also a parent.



Ms. Lisa Williams is a scientific researcher with 25 years experience. She has worked with both Procter & Gamble and the University of Cincinnati. She has worked with the Boy Scouts of America and M2SE (Minorities for Math, Science, and Engineering) as both a parent and a teacher. Lisa Williams has worked with various youth organizations throughout Cincinnati.



Mrs.Paula Sherman was the Associate Director for the Arts Consortium of Cincinnati. She developed curriculum as part of an integrated arts program, and coordinated artists, lessons, and programs for all children (Pre-K-12) throughout the tri-state area. Mrs. Sherman also created the summer program (Summer Arts for Youth). Mrs. Sherman is an educator, and is also a parent.




Ms.Sabina Barron is the Executive Director and Founder of Writers of Outstanding Words. She is a lifelong educator whose dream was to teach children about all aspects of art and increase literacy in the process.




 • This board consisits of all volunteers