Our Work

The following represents a body of work from 2012 - 2013 Works from the 2014 season will be added soon, Thank you for your patience.


The Brave Bird

Hosea King


One day there was a baby bird sitting in his nest.  He was scared to leave his nest. So he jumped out of the nest and flew.  He had faith! Faith down inside of him to fly!  Now, the baby bird knew how to fly.




Faith Is…

Joel King



Faith is something that makes you do something.

Faith allows you to do scary things like climb mountains

Or try new things




Micah King


Music is sweet… beautiful

Like a rainbow in the sky

Music is wonderful it’s…

A flower in springtime 

And is cool as a

Windy breeze on a hot day

Easy listening

Music is my favorite thing




Mason Bradley


I dreamed about having a badge.  I played in park with my dad and my brother. Along came a park ranger with a badge.  I told him that I was good in school. He gave me a badge. My dream came true.



Music Flows

Angela Thompson


Music flows in my body. I love the way it sounds. It gives me character and something to do everyday.  It is hard to decide what club to choose.   Singing, music, dancing, drawing, or computer club I like those things.  But singing is my passion and so is my music. That’s why I chose both.




Jovann Barron


There are who been baptized…?

Others who have sinned

There are people who believe in God

And there are those who always had faith



My Destiny

Tyler A. Murray


I am destined to make the brush…

 Feel the sky

To paint the blue sea

Can’t you see?

I will paint faith

I will paint God

In love and hope

I am destined to be an artist.



Chose Your Words

Eddie Murray


When you blow bubbles

The bubbles go high toward the sky

But it touches the ground you say goodbye

You may something about someone

It could be funny until they hear it

Because words are as fragile as bubbles



 Life’s Decisions

Thomas M. Murray


Life’s decisions are endless

Like a stick that doesn’t bend

There are some things in life

I really don’t recommend

Like being in a gang

A choice such as that will get you killed

Try sports or writing poems

If you’re looking for a thrill

You know everything just…

Isn’t what it seems

Be it broken promises

Or forgotten dreams

We shall all leave this earth

Hopefully, we meet in heaven above

You can think what you want

I am speaking to you in love




Isaiah Tanksley


It is so hot but I like it that way!

In the heat you can barely breathe

You know that season is spring

At last in Cincinnati

It’s 78 degrees outside and that’s for sure



Princess Miyah

Miyah Derrickson


If I were a princess I would go to Kings Island by myself. All my friends would come and we play games. We would ride and eat yellow cake with chocolate frosting with strawberries on top.

Everyone would have fun.




JuWan Antony Stonestreet


While in time we see the ugliest of things

And feel that things are narrow and we

Fall in between because of its deformities

We seem to always scream but once its

Gone it’s too far to be seen.

We look for excuses

But, never really the reasons

Pleased by short answers that momentarily ease us


But, if discovered to be flawed would permanently

Freeze us and it is funny how the truth yet seems

To tease us. This thing in which I speak of is rarely

Spoken and many of conditions it is not chosen and lies


Are steadily woven this I speak is beauty

something that lies within you and me



Our Hearts

Domonique Walker


Our hearts have fallen, but your glow picks them up

Our spirits have broken, but your smile mends all the pieces

We have lost the one we love, and her soul went to heaven above

We cry; our sadness and sorrow will pass

We know it won’t last.


Because you’re in hearts, our hearts content.

Your voice will hold us…breathe into us…

Help us make through the hardship that we are experiencing

Our hearts will fill again because we know your love will be there until the end.




Poem in My Head

Micah Tanksley


Johnny Jay jump over Johnny is that alliteration.

Or is it assonance I don’t know is this poem good if I don’t rhyme

Is this poem good or am I wasting everybody’s time.

Well, this a poem coming out of my mind…my dome

All my poems from school are in a book Poems Out of the Mind


I am doing just fine my flow goes fast or slow

I don’t know this poem is rambling

I am sorry if I am but does this poem slam.

No HD to see…you can use your regular cam

Bam…slap…zap…like a comic book that’s onomatopoeia


I draw what I can… every time they say you can draw man

I can always rhyme, to pass the time

On 4-18-11 that’s my birthday I sleep today

This is 14 stanzas now they’re on a farm where there cows

I always say don’t skip the step and the rain will stop.


This is l-o-n-g and this poem came out of my mind.

My dome…. Words are coming but I am done




By Madelyn Smith


Destiny: the essence of our lives,

It’s wrapped around our every decision…in our every breath

It’s always changing; never set in stone,

It’s who we are, and who we’ll become.



Maybe it’s your destiny to be a musician and play in front of a screaming crowd,

Maybe it’s your destiny to be a doctor and live your dream through helping others,

Your destiny may even be to become an artist and create beauty throughout our world

One thing’s for certain, you destiny doesn’t just happen…the decisions you make do


Becoming an alcoholic to shut a world full of pain will only cause more down the line

Dropping out of school will lead to more struggles and hardships for you and your family

Taking the horrible things you’ve gone through and inflicting that pain on others…

Will only put you into a deeper hole


Your destiny is in the choices of how you want to live your life!

 It’s not always easy and doesn’t happen right away

Most of the time we’ll screw up and have to start all over again

But it’s during these mistakes throughout our lives find our destiny and figure out who we are.



It Lives in You

Taylor Lindsey


Your smile’s so big; it’s as tall as the highest mountain.

Your heart is so open, to holding all it can hold.

Everything you say sounds like chimes in the wind.

Everything you write is gold.


But you hide…underneath your dark makeup.

Afraid to let the world love you.

Your hair covers your eyes,

So no one can see what is hidden within your soul.


You’re scared knowing that you will die,

And so you have to let yourself die already.

You died the day the doctor said, “You have leukemia”.

But poor unfortunate soul! Let me love you


This disease may end you but it hasn’t yet!

I stand here wiping your tears; black streams mascara…eye shadow

Rolling down your cheeks… I brush back your hair into a nice ponytail

Removing your hair from your eyes

“There”, I say.  “There is life in your eyes.”



We walk around outside, allowing your pale skin soak up the sun.

You smile… I see mountains.

You laugh …I hear chimes.

You write …I see gold words circling around us

There is life

                        It lives in you!



Winners of the Summer 2011 Poetry festival.


Gold Level

Madelyn Smith (Indiana)

JuWan Stonestreet

Taylor Lindsay

Micah Tanksley

Domonique Walker

Mason Brantley (Preschool)


Silver Level

Jovann Barron

Micah King

Hosea King

Joel King

Miyah Derrickson (Preschool)

Isaiah Tanksley