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Poem in My Head

Micah Tanksley



Johnny Jay jump over Johnny is that alliteration.


Or is it assonance I don’t know is this poem good if I don’t rhyme


Is this poem good or am I wasting everybody’s time.


Well, this a poem coming out of my mind…my dome


All my poems from school are in a book Poems Out of the Mind


I am doing just fine my flow goes fast or slow


I don’t know this poem is rambling


I am sorry if I am but does this poem slam.


No HD to see…you can use your regular cam


Bam…slap…zap…like a comic book that’s onomatopoeia




I draw what I can… every time they say you can draw man


I can always rhyme, to pass the time


On 4-18-11 that’s my birthday I sleep today


This is 14 stanzas now they’re on a farm where there cows


I always say don’t skip the step and the rain will stop.




This is l-o-n-g and this poem came out of my mind.


My dome…. Words are coming but I am done